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Why Our Websites Are Better

Attractive design And Performance

Your companies website can no longer just look good. It needs to be responsive and functional to the highest degree. Responsive web design is the most important factor in your websites success. That is why we focus so closely on it.

The designers here at Bumpit Markerting build websites that accomplish both of those tasks. We have our designers work hand in hand with our developers to ensure that your companies website not only looks good, but performs better than your competition.

Our team has perfected the system of delivering high functioning websites that appeal to every visitor it receives. The system we create is custom tailored to your company and is never overlooked.

Speak with a team member today and talk about how we can build you a high performing website that get's the job done.

How We Build Them

WordPress web development

WordPress is a content management system that allows our web designers to create responsive web design projects.

All of the content on your website needs to be organized in an orderly fashion for it to perform optimally on the internet. WordPress allows our developers to achieve this.

By using a content management system that powers more than 30% of the internet, we ensure your site is covered on all ends.

This management system allows us to create your site faster, more functional, and appealing to the owner for maintenance purposes.


What your Website Will Do

Increase your profit

By having our developers and designers work together in your websites creations we guarantee that your website will produce results.

Your sites speed will ensure it eventually ranks high on Google, enhances the user experience, and decreases your bounce rate. 

Along with speed and functionality your site will also look appealing to the visitors to ensure those visitors eventually become customers. Whether you are selling to consumers or other companies, site appearance is a giant conversion rate factor.

By matching both aesthetics and functionality our team here makes absolute sure your website increases your companies profit. 


Our Recent Work

web design examples

PrintScan is a national fingerprinting and FBI background check service company. With a recent full website re design, Bumpit Marketing teamed with multiple other companies to help with this site.

Check out the website here

Web Design for Podcasts

Thingspolicesee is a popular podacast in the law enforcement industry describing crazy stories from law enforcement professionals both active and retired. Not only do they host weekly episodes but they also sell a line of merch that we built out for them.

Check out the website here.

Health Niche Web Design

Mindfulmed is an acupuncture and wellness company based out or Rochester, NY. Our team was happy to provide a web re design for this company as well as social media consulting and local SEO.

Check out the website here.

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