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What Is PPC Advertising?

Pay Per Click Advertising

PPC advertising, or more commonly known as "pay per click" is mostly the use of Google Adwords. Google ads is the faster route in order to get your business on the first page of Google and even rank #1. Other ways of ranking #1 are the use of SEO, and other tactics.

Typically the process consists of researching in Google what people type in to search for your business or service. We then place bids on those search terms and make sure your business shows on the top of page 1 when people are interested.

Think of it as a billboard. However, instead of people driving past your billboard at 60mph on the highway, they are interested in your service because they are actively Googling the search term related to it.

PPC management service
optimize google ppc

PPC Management Service

Investing In A PPC Manager

Here at Bumpit we have Google certified Adwords managers ready to start optimizing your campaign. We do all the keyword research, landing page optimization, call tracking, and anything else involved in your PPC campaign.

Have customers start flowing in on auto pilot and never worry about managing the advertising again. The best part about hiring a PPC manager? We save you money!

Focus on delivering your service or product to the customer and we will habdle brigning the customers to you in a steady flow. 

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