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Web designers NY

Website Design

Our main goal is to increase the exposure your exposure online so you can attract more customers to your business. Bumpit ensures that your website will increase sales and Google traffic.


Whether it's eCommerce, Home services, Legal offices, or the fitness industry we specialize in creating top of the line websites that are guaranteed to engage visitors, be mobile responsive, and lightning fast.

Facebook advertising agency NY

Facebook Advertising

A Facebook ad creation is by far the most popular marketing strategy we employ. Facebook advertisements right now is VERY under priced and time is running out to capitalize on the attention it provides. 


By creating your ad with us you will have a dedicated manager tending to your ad campaign daily. A daily task list and review will ensure that your ad gets the most eyeballs and captures the most amount of leads.

Digital marketing for small business

Digital Marketing

If you're looking for more customers then you have made the right choice. We are one of the best digital marketing agencies in Long Island. Pick from our lists of markets we work with and start receiving a comprehensive list of leads immediately. More leads means more customers and more customers means more sales.


With our competitive pricing you will make an initial investment in our list of contacts interested in your market and once you close just ONE customer the investment will pay for itself. Rinse and repeat and watch your business sky rocket.

PPC management service

Paid Advertising

The days of just creating a simple Facebook ad or Instagram ad and getting easy leads are over. The world is changing and users are starting to recognize that they're being sold to. That's why we use are implementing tactics that the market has not seen yet. Our ads land on fresh eyes and our strategies make it that the customer is not being advertised to.


On top of our modern advertising techniques we focus on targeting warm leads. We don't just send you someones contact information blindly.

SEO Long Island

Search Engine Optimization

Ever wonder how your competitors show up on the first page in Google? Well there is a science to it believe it or not. We take your position in Google and bump it up a few spots and watch your website traffic sky rocket. With more traffic comes more revenue so you can imagine how powerful it gets once you have one of our staff members dedicate their time to your website solely. 


Your competition is not waiting so you shouldn't either. SEO is here to stay and you absolutely should have a plan for it. Luckily we're here to help.

Web design

Social Media

Social media content creation is like your own personal billboard. The only difference is people aren't speeding right past it. The population of smartphone users is growing and the top apps on those phones are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Your content can scroll across their screen every day, at any hour, multiple times a month.


Don't know where to start on creating your content? No need to worry we have it handled on our end. 

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