Marketing tips during Lock Down

The recent COVID-19 Pandemic has recently caused the temporary closure of almost every business in the country.

There has never been more of a need for an effective digital marketing program to ensure your business will have a prominent digital presence to reach your customers.

Many business owners realized the need of a prominent online presence too late, and lost business to competitors who were more proactive about establishing a digital identity.


What Does This Mean?

As a result, the digital marketing landscape is now more competitive than ever.

As some states are rolling back their reopening process, the need to prepare for a similar situation nationwide has been amplified. 


As many are just trying to generate enough revenue to keep the lights on , they are now in a difficult situation.

They have a need to market themselves properly online, but have an incredibly limited budget to do so because of the lack of income due to the recent COVID-19 Pandemic. 

To help business owners like yourself weigh the critical decisions of where to allocate your Marketing and Web Presence Budget , we at Bumpit Marketing have made a quick guide on some methods to establish the digital footprint of your business.

What Can I Use To Help My Marketing?

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1. Google My Business Local SEO

Google My Business is your tool to decide how your business looks and performs within the Google Search engine on a basic level.

Essentially, it acts as a business listing that allows you to modify the NAP ( name, address, phone number) details, hours of operation, and featured photos of your business within the Google Search Engine.

You are also able to read and access the reviews left on Google by your customers, an essential for business owners.

Setting It Up

Use a quick guide on how to set one up here.

Setting up Google My Business is a quick way to begin getting your business online by creating a business listing with Google.

However, your Google My Business Account offers more than just an online listing for your business. It allows you to reach your customers via Google Searches and Google Maps.

All of the Google My business features are magnified by an effective SEO campaign.

An optimized Google My Business Listing is one of the most critical factors in local SEO success.

To reach more customers via Google Searches, consider a highly optimized SEO Marketing Campaign to rank for keywords relevant to your business. 

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2. Adding E-commerce To A Website

Adding E- Commerce functionality to your website is a great way to create another revenue stream for your business.

If done properly, E- Commerce can be scaled to be a significant driver of revenue.

Most importantly, it allows you to stay competitive within the digital space.

E-commerce can be applied to almost any business or industry if done correctly. If your business is not naturally suited for e-commerce, then this is a perfect way to grow!

Recent trends indicate that e-commerce is booming in recent years. Mobile e-commerce, specifically, has grown by 300% over the last few years, bringing in over $700 billion in the United States last year.

"By the year 2021, mobile e-commerce is expected to make up 17.5% of global retail sales".

Worldwide e-Commerce sales are expected to hit 4,878 billion over the course of the next few years if trends continue as expected. 

It is essential to have your business in a position that allows you to take advantage of this ongoing e-commerce gold rush.

These trends have been accelerated by COVID-19, which has led many consumers to shop online rather than in store. 

Business owners who are preparing for a second lockdown after seeing a spike in COVID cases in their local area must ensure they have added ecommerce functionality to minimize the loss of business from shutting down their brick and mortar location.

This is a situation where being proactive instead of reactive can make all the difference for your business going forward.

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3. Hiring An SEO Consultant

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a key factor in driving traffic to your website.

If your website is not getting the traffic you expected, poor SEO work is likely the reason why.

Many business owners acknowledge the benefits of a fully optimized website but get caught up in the question that immediately presents itself. 

Do I learn SEO myself or hire a marketing company/consultant? 

The answer to this question is unique to every business owner's present situation.

If you have time to spare as a business owner, SEO can be a great skill to learn, as it will empower you to put out content that will optimize your website in the future. 

However, most business owners do not have time to learn things that make up the SEO process in detail, let alone do the research and write the content needed to rank for relevant keywords that will bring in floods of traffic.

This is when it is time to look for an SEO Consultant or agency to audit your website.

They will be able to identify weak points in your content, and guide you on how to improve your sites optimization going forward. 

Here are some tips for you before speaking with an SEO consultant:

  • Know the basics of SEO
  • Be Prepared with questions pertaining to your type of business 
  • Know your budget 

After speaking with someone who specializes in SEO you should have a better understanding of where your business is on Google’s rankings and what needs to be done to improve your positions.

If you have any questions, or would like Bumpit Marketing to audit your sites SEO, feel free to contact us

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