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3 Steps to sell services online for your business

Everyone knows that it’s time to ditch the old way of thinking and actually get into the game for 2020. If you’re not selling your service, or a digital version of your service online then you are missing out on a huge opportunity because the shopping mentality has changed in 2020.

But before we start…

Some foundations.

Selling services online

Types Of E-commerce

There are 3 major types of e-commerce that you’ll need to know of going forward. Knowing these are important because it will help you determine which category of e-commerce will fit your business going forward.

1. Physical Product E-commerce

This refers to some type of physical product that is sold online. Physical product e-commerce is only used when a business has a tangible product that is shipped out to it’s customers.

  • Makeup
  • Toys
  • Office supplies
  • Gadgets

While it is the most popular right now it is also the most competitive.

2. Info Product E-commerce

Give me 15 seconds and i’ll make you a millionaire. Ever hear that old line?

Well there’s a reason these internet gurus bombard you with ads with catchy lines like this. It’s because selling things like courses or e-books online works! Not only does it work but people love to buy it so why not deliver?

  • Courses
  • Tutorials
  • E-Books

3. Service Based E-commerce

This is where it get’s interesting as this type of e-commerce is an untapped potential. E-commerce for services has been around but has never had a golden opportunity like this before. Most companies only sell their service in person but now you can do it both in person AND online!

  • Coaching
  • Fitness
  • Real Estate
  • Psychotherapy
  • Restaurants
  • Tutoring
  • Landscaping
  • Home Services
  • Legal Services
  • The list goes on…

How To Start E-Commerce For Services

E-commerce for services are becoming much more popular due to an increase in technology like video conferencing and meeting software. IF you’re wondering if your business can even begin to offer something lie this then you’re reading the right article.

1. Choose Your Digital Service Type

sell online services

If your business primarily offers it’s services in person then it might be time to start getting creative. Did you know that even people like contractors, landscapers, barbers, and even restaurants can offer e-commerce?


Well we labeled the types of e-commerce services you can offer right here for you!

Subscription Services

These can be for companies like landscapers, contractors, barbers, restaurants etc. Anyone who’s service is actually performed in person can use this model.

It’s simple really. The idea is to offer your service on a monthly basis or payment plan basis for someone lie a contractor who works on bigger one time projects. Then the payments attached to this service is bought and sold on your website. It’s a lot easier for someone to visit your website and make their payment rather then go to the bank, get cash, write a check… You get the idea.

By offering to pay online either in the form of a subscription or payment plan you break that barrier of physical payment and open up your freedom to scale your marketing as well.

Think about a barber shop offering monthly subscriptions via their website… Then even allowing their customers the ability to book their appointment on their website before hand. Sound crazy? Well it’s not, and you can replace “barber” with many other types of businesses’.

Oh and if you’re worried about how to make a website that allows this then stop worrying, we’ll cover that too.

Appointment Services

This service type is rather simple. Think of someone like a psychotherapist, gym owner, yoga instructor, anyone who can offer their core service via virtual chat like Zoom or Google Meet instead of actually in person.

The model is simple really. Add a booking calendar to your website that prompts the person to book either a one on one session or group session, take payment via your website, fulfill your service via video conference using Zoom or Google Meet, rinse and repeat.

Appointment services are literally the exact same thing as your old in person model, just offering the option to be virtual and to pay online via your website.

Digital Services

This is where it get’s a little crazy. Ever wonder why everyone is trying to teach a class online? That’s because it’s very profitable!

A digital service is something that requires you to not actually be present during the fulfillment of the service. Think something like selling a course, e-book, designing someones logo, developing a website, handling a companies bookkeeping.

Digital services are powerful because you can scale it to anywhere outside your physical area as well as outsource the product fulfillment to another employee.

Take for example Bumpit. We offer web design and SEO services. However, we don’t limit our services to just one area, and we have an entire team that handles the actual work. This allows us to scale and focus on what really matters which is customer satisfaction. We even allow all proposals to be signed online, payments to be made via email, and support tickets entered via our website. Now that’s a true digital service!

sell digital services

2. Offer Your Service Online

Now that you have chosen what type of service to sell, it’s time to add that service to your website via an e-commerce website builder.

All e-commerce starts with a website, so why not build an easy one?

You’ll need to figure out what type of service you are selling online and make your website compatible with that service. Here’s what you’ll need for each service type.

WordPress website With Woocommerce

sell services on woocommerce

You’ll need this type of website to be able to sell the following.

  • Sunbscription services
  • Appointment services
  • Digital services

A wordpress website is a free content management system that houses your websites content and allows different functionality through the form of plugins. Woocommerce is one of those plugins that allows you to sell your service online.

Along with Woocommerce there are also tons of other extensions that come with it like booking meetings and appointments, direct bank transfers as payment, and plenty more!

Pandadoc Proposals and Contracts

sign contracts online

If you’re service requires you to send a proposal or a contract because your are offering a subscription or a high ticket item, then we make it simple for you to add this functionality as well.

Pandadoc is a drag and drop contract or document builder that allows people to sign right in their email and pay once they’re finished signing.

It is a paid feature at $13 per month but it’s well worth the time savings and convenience!

You could very easily take a deposit for any amount on your website using woocommerce, send the customer an emailed proposal or contract via pandadoc, then once signed direct them back to your website to pay the full amount.

Rinse and repeat and you have your entire business up and running online!

marketing an online service

3. Market Your Service Online

Once you’re all set up to finally sell your service online and tie up all the loose ends, you might want to market your service online. Marketing an online business can be tough but luckily there are both free options and paid options we go over below.

The 3rd free option is probably the most effective.

Paid Options

  1. Google Ads
  2. Facebook Ads
  3. Marketing Agency Package

Free Options

  1. Word Of Mouth
  2. Email List Campaigns
  3. Website SEO

Now we know that everyones wondering about the free options. Here’s the thing, they’re free if you do them yourself, but also will take time. The most effective free option being SEO. If you can build your own website then you can definitely manage it’s own SEO.

With a little effort to learn and some good ol’ sweat equity you can get it done.

Why it’s so powerful?

Search engine optimization grants you free traffic from being the top result on Google for whatever local or national keyword people type into Google. Think of how powerful it would be to be the first spot for terms lie this…

  • Los Angeles Barber
  • NYC Gym
  • Contractor Long Island
  • Plumber Los Angeles
  • Phoenix Yoga Studio
  • The list goes on…

And that;s only the local SEO keywords to go after. You can target national as well if you have the time and website authority.

local seo tactics

So What’s NExt?

Figure out what you want to sell online and go get it done. And as always, we’re here to help if needed!

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