Can you make money on tiktok?

Ultimate Guide On How To Make Money On Tik Tok

Can you make money on Tik Tok?

The answer is yes! You just need to be choosing the right path.

Why is it that people are starting to create multiple accounts, paying editors thousands of dollars, and spending all their time on Tik Tok?

Because they are making a killing… That’s why.

So why is no one talking about this?

Because they are trying to keep it a secret. And they have done pretty well. Until NOW!

Keep reading below for our method that is absolutely killing it!

How To Make Money On Tik Tok (Bumpit Method)

Can you make money on Tik Tok

Time needed: 30 days.

Pushing followers to Instagram

  1. Choose your specialty or “niche”

    This should be something you are passionate about and can create 15 second videos around.

  2. Create a Tik Tok username

    Must be related to your niche.

  3. Connect this username to a similar Instagram profile

    Can be a new or old account but the audience should match.

  4. Start creating unique 15 second videos related to your niche

    The most important factor on this is to keep the user engaged for the ENTIRE video. (more on this later)

  5. Push your followers to Instagram

    Use a “call to action” in your Tik Tok bio.

  6. Sell your Instagram followers merch using a drop shipping store.

    This is technical but you can pay someone to handle this part or contact us for help!

This method works best for someone who is familiar with creating a drop shipping store on Shopify or WordPress and can market it effectively on Instagram.

This will take a total of around 30 days to complete but boy is it profitable!

Take a look at one of our stores 7 day report on Woocommerce.

We used this exact method and launched on black friday which resulted in $6,666.94 in sales!

 How to make money on Tik Tok

Making Money On Tik Tok

Most people think it’s crazy but listen to this…

You can sell a consistent $1,000/week using this method without ever touching products.

You don’t even have to ship anything OR leave your house. Making money in Tik Tok is an untapped market right now and that is why this is so valuable. You’re going to be a first just like us!

So let’s break down the steps in further detail…

tik Tok video Ideas

Finding your “niche”

A niche is just a fancy word for a certain type of content.

For example, we have a successful Tik Tok username below.

Tik Tok video ideas

Zach King is a popular video creator who found his fame on the Vine platform a few years ago. (RIP Vine)

We use this example to show that Zach sticks to one style of video making. that style for him is film making and editing.

This is a great example of a niche. It is also a great example of Tik Tok video ideas.

Some additional ideas that may be profitable like Zach are listed here.

  • Fashion
  • Video game captures
  • Prank videos
  • Random facts
  • Puppet videos
  • Adventurous videos
  • Talents or skills

Tik Tok Username Ideas

A quick guide to picking a username would be to match your name with your niche. For example: “JoeyD_Pranks

You can also mix your niche with your sub niche. For example: “College_Prank_Videos

Whatever name you use it’s important to remember that your username should reflect what you do in the videos. the only time this does not apply is when you plan on becoming a personality for Tik Tok. Then any name will do.

Also make sure that a similar username is available on Instagram. This is important for when we push the followers from Tik Tok to Instagram.

Use this tool here to generate a cool name if you are getting stuck. Tik Tok name generator.

How To Get Famous On Tik Tok

This is the one everyone is waiting for.

Your attempt to get famous on Tik Tok is all up to the quality of content that you make, and how you structure it.

The Tik Tok algorithm is very particular in how it works.

However, after talking to a Chinese Tik Tok creator and developer, we have the secret sauce.

How The tik Tok Algorithm Works

The Tik Tok algorithm works off of a few very important factors.

  • Video completion rate
  • Engagement rate
  • Time of post
  • Overall account rating

The Tik Tok algorithm also sends your video out in “pushes”.

The initial push will test the waters on your content. If your video has a good rating for all the factors listed above, then it will make it to the next push round.

You can see a visual explanation below here.

Tik Tok Algorithm

The most important factor to make it through all these stages is to make sure your completion rate on your videos is greater than 95%.

That means that you need to entice people to watch the entire video.

Use text headings in the beginning of the video that say something like “wait for it“.

Or you can even create a mystery in the beginning of the video to entice people to watch until the end.

This is a big reason why loop videos or the scavenger hunt videos always go viral.

It’s because the completion rate is so high. It can even jump to over 100% if users watch it multiple times.

To sum it up, follow these steps to have a greater chance at becoming Tik Tok famous.

  • Make your videos 15 seconds long
  • entice users to watch the entire video
  • Produce quality content
  • Keep your videos related to the same niche
  • Engage with your audience

But My Previous Tik Tok videos Get No Views?

This might be because of something we mentioned above. Your account rating may be too low to go viral.

If you have more than 15 videos that have less than 500 views… Scrap it.

Start a brand new account because your profile has too low of a rating within the Tik Tok algorithm to go viral.

Tik Tok Monetization

Ok finally, the GOOD part.

Monetizing your Tik Tok account is the final step in this method. Once you have the niche, username, have followers, and are growing your page it is time to start making that money.

There are two ways we can do this. Dropshipping or affiliate marketing.

Both ways are powerful in their own ways but it all depends on what niche your page is in and how much time you want to put in.

Drop ship from Tik tok

So your fans on Tik Tok have successfully followed you on Instagram too right? Yes, maybe not as much but Instagram is where you hit them with the sales pitch.

As of this post Tik Tok only offers embedded links for users with over a million followers.

We are assuming you do not have over a million followers otherwise this step can be skipped and you add a link straight into your Tik Tok bio.

Create a drop shipping store for clothing items specifically. We will link you to a tutorial here.

Customize all your clothing items to be geared towards your personal brand. you can see an example of a drop ship store geared toweards Tik Tok users below.

By the way this site also does collaborations with users so you can skip the entire store building process for a small fee. If you are not that tech savvy or want to speed the process up a bit.

Then… add your specific merch store link to your Instagram bio.

Make a post on instagram notifying your users that merch has dropped.

Also… Make videos on Tik Tok wearing your own merch and change your bio to tell users to go to your Instagram and visit the link in your bio to buy the merch.

the trick here is to not be pushy with your pitch but rather let the followers notice your merch in videos and point them in the right direction via your bio and comments within videos.

Instagram works a little different where as you can just add a picture or story asking people to visit the link and buy merch.

This is the drop ship method. Now onto the affiliate method.

Monetizing Tik Tok with Affiliate Products

This process follows the exact steps as the one referenced above.

However, instead of building a drop ship store, partnering with the company we referenced above or selling any type of personal merch you will be pushing other products.

Here is how you do it.

  • Find a product you can affiliate for on Amazon
  • Sign up for the Amazon affiliates program
  • Push the amazon product via your instagram bio link
  • Push your Tik Tok followers to Instagram using a funny video using the product or showing it’s cool features.

This method requires less work but you will make a smaller percentage of profit because you are selling another product not your own.

Regardless both methods allow you to make some passive income in Tik Tok.

Stay updated with this post because the functionality on Tik Tok can change at any time and this process may become even EASIER!


Need some help making money on Tik Tok?

Contact us below!

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