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Do You Want More Traffic?

Listen, everybody wants more traffic. So of course you are going to say yes to that question.

My question is, what have you actually been doing to increase it?

There are so many “hacks” and “tactics” out there you can use to try and increase your traffic.

Or… You can listen to these 3 EASY steps and start getting traffic immediately.

How to increase my website traffic
A real snapshot of implementing our first step for a client

It is shown that increasing your website traffic no matter what industry you are in will have a positive effect on your overall business.

Imagine if you had an extra 250 site visitors a month? Imagine out of those 250, how many of them will result in some type of income.

The answer is “some”.

Let’s be honest, not everyone who visits your website is going to result in a sale, quote, or call. But this is a numbers game.

The more visitors you have coming to your site, the more opportunity to generate revenue.

Rinse and repeat this with some good old fashion determination and you have yourself a solid audience.

So what are the steps? Let’s take a look.

1. Share your Website On Social Media

This one is a given but you will be surprised how many people just do not take advantage of this.

Here is what you do..

Gather a list of every single social media platform you are a part of. Bonus points if you have company pages set up on them as well but a personal page will do just as fine.

For example, let’s say you have a LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram account.

On LinkedIn you are going to post your website in the about section. Again personal or business page, it doesn’t matter.

Our companies LinkedIn account has the website listed in the about section

On Facebook you are going to post the website link right on your page’s about section.

Increasing website traffic using facebook

So on and so forth you get the picture.

The trick is however to not only paste your website link onto these platforms, but to actually promote it.

Make a post or a status update and ask people to visit your website. You never know who may be in the market for whatever service or product you offer.

This works especially if you are usually not active on social media due to users having a surprised reaction to your post seeing as it’s a new behavior.

But again to reiterate, just post the link and promote it. You will be surprised how good the results can be.

2. Comment on popular social media posts

We told you this one is powerful, and for good reason.

Why do all the heavy lifting when you can just piggy back off of someone that is having success already?

The secret is you can not make it seem like a spam comment.

Use your expertise and knowledge to make a comment that provides value on a popular post. We will use an example below of one that we used for our company recently.

We wrote this post on a recent popular Gary V post to try and entice more visitors.

The trick here as you can see if we did not actually link our website in the comment.

If you send a link within a comment most social media algorithms will mark it as spam. So instead we invite people to “Google search” our company.

This tactic also creates a signal within Google that people are searching our brand and not just clicking on a link to our website.

Branded searches are almost always 10x more powerful.

Reason being is google trusts a brand much more than just a random link or article. Brands have something to lose.

Brands have skin in the game and if you are in this for the long haul then you will make sure to put the visitors satisfaction first.

3. Use Reddit Posting To Attract New Website Visitors

Now this one is also a simple way to promote your website that I can almost guarantee your competition is not doing at all.

If you’re not familiar with the popular forum “Reddit” then you better become familiar with it real fast.

Reddit SEO tactics

Sign up for an account, it’s free.

Go find your local area’s sub Reddit. Almost every town and city has their own.

Next, search for the key word of your industry or niche.

Look for posts like this one below.

As you can see, one user is promoting their own or someone else’s plumbing company website. This is a really simple way to promote your website and it takes no time.

Level it up by creating your own posts and promoting your site that way. Just remember to not be spammy.

What To Do With Your New Traffic?

So here is where it gets interesting.

There are plenty of upsides to having more traffic on your website.

A higher domain rating, more viewers, brand building etc. However, what is the point of all that traffic if you do not monetize it somehow?

So how do we do that?

Systems & processes

You want your website to have a number of systems put in place to try and capture the visitors information and send them one step closer into buying your product or service.

You also will need a process that successfully sells them your product or service once their information is captured.

And listen, this does not have to be a sleazy sales trick into creating profit so you can buy a brand new Ferrari.

No, actually it is the opposite.

It is about creating a customer base that believes in your product or service. It’s about caring for your customer and making sure you provide them with value.

In our opinion, that is way more rich than owning a Ferrari.

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