9 Digital Marketing Examples That Will Grow Your Business in 2019

Digital marketing examples

There is not a single business alive today that is perfecting any of the digital marketing examples listed in this article.

In fact, even some of the biggest companies like Toy’s R Us, Sears, and Macy’s are close to going bankrupt because of their outdated marketing strategies.

The fact that you even clicked on this article proves that you are already ahead of those companies. Crazy right? 

Imagine the possibilities of implementing a digital marketing strategy better than those giant companies.

But how do you pick which examples of digital marketing are best for you?

Picking the correct Digital marketing strategy 

Choosing which digital marketing examples work best for your business is crucial for the success of your marketing campaign.

In order to do this you need to realize how your business operates.

Defining how your business operates 

Are you a business that has a single location where customers walk in and request a good or service?

Do you already have some type of digital marketing success and need a more refined process?

Do you receive most of your inquiries through phone calls or email?

Questions like these you need to keep in your mind when picking digital marketing examples so that you can succeed in whichever you choose.

The digital marketing campaign examples below will explain which work best for your specific type of business.


1. Affiliate Marketing Example

profitable marketing

Affiliate marketing can be extremely effective for a multitude of business types. If your business involves selling a high ticket E-commerce item, course, or rather high price service then it works exceptionally well.

What is affiliate marketing?

An affiliate program is just a business or person, paying someone else to help sell their product or service usually in the form of a commission only basis.

Most people think of companies like Amazon when the term affiliates are thrown around but the truth is any business can implement this strategy. 

If you sell a product, then reach out to former customers of that product who might have big social media followings and ask if they’re interested in selling your product for you in exchange for a commission.

The same logic goes for service based companies. Ask others in your industry to refer you the customers that they cannot service and in exchange you can pay them a kick back. This works exceptionally well for the home services industries like contractors, painters etc.

What does a successful affiliate program look like? 

A fitness supplement company called 1st Phorm right now is dominating the affiliate marketing model. If you take a look below, this is what is on top of the Google search for their affiliate program.

Affiliate Marketing

They offer their past customers a particular program which they call “legionnaires”. By re branding the term affiliate they make the program something unique and exciting for their users. 

We do not know how much commission they pay their “legionnaire’s” but we are assuming it’s very fair due to their success using this affiliate strategy.

We would recommend no commission payouts under 5%. To imagine the potential for this, check out the prices of some 1st Phorm products below.

Affiliate Marketing Example

Now imagine paying someone on a higher commission basis of 10%. Let’s do some quick math.

10 affiliates sign up for your program.

They each sell 5 products at a price point of $250

That’s $12,500 in sales for you as a company.

You are only paying a total commission of $1,250

That leaves you with a gross of $11,250!

Rinse and repeat with this and you can see how lucrative this digital marketing strategy can be. 

2. Social Media Marketing Example

social media marketing

Social media marketing is arguably one of the most important strategies in today’s day and age. With the rise of social media popularity this opportunity is only getting better with age.

This digital marketing strategy works with virtually every business type out there so you can go ahead and add this to your list.



What is social media marketing?

Marketing on social media is the use of social media websites and platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter to sell a product or service. 

It is a part of digital marketing and is rapidly becoming one of the most popular and lucrative ones because of it’s success. Imagine how many times a day you scroll Instagram, check your Facebook or Twitter page, or watch a video on YouTube.

Now go ahead and think about how many times you have checked an Instagram story with a message that said “swipe up” or seen a local ad in your Facebook feed. These are all methods used in social media marketing and they work.


Where can you go to see social media marketing examples?

Wendy’s twitter page…

Take a look at some of these hilarious tweets the Wendy’s fast food chain makes on a consistent basis.


And not only original tweets but replies to customers as well.

Twitter marketing

You would think that this tactic used by the person behind the official Wendy’s Twitter handle doesn’t actually sell more product right? Well let’s look at the stats.

Wendy’s had somewhat of a viral following from the years 2017 - 2018 on Twitter. So if we take a look at the annual revenue from both of those years we get this.


Social media marketing strategy

Yes we get it, you can’t possibly attribute all of that profit increase to their brash tweets and comebacks but we can defintely count it as a source.

Moral of the story is to be active on social media. Create a following and engage with that following and we guarantee your company will be rewarded for it.

The trick is to stick with two styles of posts. Education and entertainment. Every time you choose to either educate or entertain your following you gain trust within your community.

By gaining trust you break down that barrier for future customers. That will most definitely result in more yearly revenue no matter how small or big a company you run.

3. Content Marketing Example

Content marketing

Content marketing is used today by most, if not all of the successful companies in this new age of digital marketing. The underlying strategy has not changed since the beginning of marketing itself.

However they way in which they are shared has changed. Making and distributing content through all digital channels is an approach every business needs to consider so pay attention to this one. 


What is content marketing? 

Creating and publishing content over a varying degree of platforms is what best sums up the content marketing model.

Particularly an omni channel marketing approach is used in this scenario. This means that the content you create is shared across multiple platforms like YouTube, podcasts, Facebook, and Instagram.

This is a tactic that is normally used long term. The more content you create, the more authoritative you become in your industry, the more powerful your brand becomes.


What does a good content marketing campaign look like?

The very popular entrepreneur and digital media agency owner Gary Vaynerchuk can accomplish this question.

Gary uses an omni channel approach to content marketing. By making a consistent basis of videos documenting his business life and practices, Gary distributes them to the most popular marketing channels.

Gary’s model looks a little like this:

Film and edit a video for YouTube

Cut clips of that video for Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram

Strip the audio from those videos and create podcast episodes

Transcribe the audio of those podcast episodes and create a blog post

This is called omi channel content marketing. With one piece of content you can see that Mr. Vaynerchuk relayed it into 3 more pieces of valuable content without lifting another finger.

But how does this accomplish your business needs?

Well think about it, when you’re everywhere as a company or a person, you are always the first to pop into someones mind.

When the time comes for that person to need your product or service, they will purchase from you rather than your competitors. Now if that is not powerful marketing then we don’t know what is. 

4. Email Marketing Example

Email Marketing

How many times do you open your email inbox and delete around 5 unopened emails because you know they are spam. Well that’s because the companies or people sending those emails are doing email marketing completely wrong.

Email marketing is just as powerful as when it first came about in the early 2000’s. It just requires some different tactics and a unique approach. 

This marketing strategy works for just about any business and is almost necessary so go ahead and check the box next to this example. 

What is email marketing? 

Email marketing is a systematic approach to sending emails to people in order to have them eventually purchase a product or service.

Although many say email marketing is dead, it’s actually alive now more than ever with modern technology. By using modern email marketing software you can create email funnels which are completely automated and proven to drive results.

What’s a good email marketing example?

An excellent email marketing campaign comes to mind when you mention the company LegalZoom.

As you can see here, after creating an LLC the company sends you a newsletter around 2 days after completion of the LLC purchase.

email marketing strategy

You can clearly see here that their objective is to up sell into a bookkeeping service. Why do you think they’re doing that? Because it works!

Email marketing needs to be used on your current customers, not so much to acquire customers. That’s the new tactic being used by big companies today and it’s definitely working.

An existing customer is 10x more likely to buy from you than a brand new stranger is. So why are we leaving that opportunity on the table?

You can automate emails with existing customers of yours to nurture relevancy and keep them up to date on all you have to offer. 

We can almost guarantee that with the minimal amount of technical work that is required to create a campaign like this will be worth it in return.

5. Influencer Marketing Example 

Content marketing strategies

Influencer marketing has been made popular recently by the popular social media platform Instagram. However it’s been so effective that it requires it’s own example and explanation.

Influencer marketing dominates the Instagram platform for companies and is generally the go-to method in generating new business. 

What is influencer marketing? 

Instagram infuencer marketing is the act of choosing Instagram accounts with a generous amount of followers and engagement to show case your product or service.

Think of product placement in movies and TV. Well that’s essentially the exact same concept except with this emerging social media platform as the catalyst.

Think of every time you scroll Instagram and see almost everyone promoting a new CBD brand. Well that’s because those CBD companies are paying these influencers to post about their products. 

Oh and guess what? It’s cheap!

What’s an example of influencer marketing in action? 

Let’s take a look at famous soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo. Take a look at one of his posts on Instagram.

Influencer marketing

Now there is no way anyone on earth would Say Clear Men shampoo did not pay him to make this post. How much did they pay? Well no one will know but it’s safe to say a high amount because this marketing technique definitely works.

Remember when we said it’s cheap? Well we still mean it, you just need to find the right account. 

If you’re a local business this tactic can be very interesting. Go take a look on Instagram and type into the search bar the location your business is located in.

Instagram tactics

Now go search around at the top posts and click around to see if you find a profile ripe for the picking.

Ideally the person should have at least 1,000 followers and live in your area. 

Next step is to send them a DM. Yes this in manual work but the reward is well worth it. Send them a message and offer them something for free, or a paid stipend to post one of your products.

If you send this to local profiles the odds of you landing someone that says yes is very good. With this tactic you can repeat the Rinaldo effect shown above but on a local level and much cheaper.

Think about how excited a local mom in your area would be to use a coupon for your business, or a high school student to promote your product to all their friends.

Like we said before, now think about how much these people are willing to be paid in order to do such a thing. The answer is usually not much.


6. Facebook Marketing Example 

Facebook Marketing

Over 2.41 billion monthly active users on Facebook. Now that is an audience big enough to market any product, business, or person regardless of how small. 

So how many times have you heard that Facebook marketing is easy? Particularly their paid advertising platform?

Newsflash, it’s not. It’s actually more complex than you think. Facebook is a business just like everyone else. Their goal is to get more people and companies paying for advertising. 

Facebook has done a great job at getting people to pay more in ad spend and it’s because organic reach on Facebook is becoming more and more difficult. 

What is Facebook Marketing? 

Facebook marketing is the act of getting more visitors, customers, and leads via the Facebook platform. Usually by the use of paid advertising but also organic reach, and messenger sequences. 

What is a Facebook marketing campaign example? 

Well, we hate to toot our own horn here but our company Bumpit Marketing is doing some pretty cutting edge marketing on Facebook at the moment.

It’s called messenger bot advertising. This can work as both a paid and organic strategy. Let’s look at our example.

We start with a regular Facebook ad that is budgeted at a small $5 per day budget. 


We then connect this ad campaign to a messenger bot. We use the messenger bot ‘Mobile Monkey’ to create an entire dialogue.

The dialogue is customized when you setup the process. You can visit Mobile Money and make an account to get started.


You click yes and it forwards you to our landing page. It’s all automated and requires just a simple setup. 

This strategy creates conversion rates that can be 3 times more profitable than just a regular Facebook ad campaign that almost all other companies are running at the moment.

The bot creation is fast and simple and requires some technical knowledge to create but overall not impossible. Possibly a future blog post of ours so keep an eye out for that in the future!

7. SEO Marketing Example

Untitled design (14)

Search engine optimization gets more difficult every day. The amount of content that needs to be optimized, heading tags, backlink outreach, and everything else required to rank a website on Google can be daunting.

That is why we try to keep it simple yet effective. When done correctly and with due diligence, SEO can be very effective.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization is optimizing a website both technically and visually to help the Google algorithm notice it and rank it higher on the first page. 

Sounds easy right? Well it’s rather complex which is why we are going to show you a simple method that a partner of ours implements on their website.

What does an effective SEO campaign look like? 

One of our partners PrintScan does their SEO right. Their company offers fingerprinting, background check services, and other services alike. It all starts with the right content.

organic SEO strategy
On page optimization

As you can see above their most popular page starts off with a question the visitor might have. Their content answers any questions and doubts a website visitor may have when landing on their page from Google.

But why is that important?

Click through rate!

Conversion rates are the newest signal Google looks for when it comes to ranking a website. Let’s say your website shows up in Google when someone types in your target keyword approximately 1,000 times.

We would call that an ‘impression’. With 1,000 impressions a month let’s say your website entices around 700 people to actually click through and visit your website.

That is an above average click through rate and it’s what really sets you apart from your competitors. It helps tell Google that people like what your page has to offer and would rather click on your site than others. 

But how do we accomplish this? Well our screenshot of the FBI background check page explanation above takes care of this.

We take that content and boil it down into meta tags that have a clear call to action. You can see an example of what a meta tag is down below.

organic SEO

This content is a smaller version of the actual on page content but it educates the visitor of what the page is about. By explaining the content in Google’s organic meta tag more people are inclined to click through.

This method is really not widely used in today’s SEO tactics but is more important than ever with Google’s new ‘flavor of the month’ in regards to click through rate.

8. Instagram Marketing Example

Instagram marketing tips

Instagram is arguably one of the most popular social media channels to date. With it’s rise in user demographics to the baby boomer generation, as well as a very active millennial generation it hits the best of both worlds in regards to marketing.

What is Instagram Marketing? 

Instagram marketing is the use of tools on the Instagram platform to attract more users, increase engagement, and create brand awareness.

These tools however are not automated bots and comment spamming services.

They are things as simple as posting stories, replying to comments, doing hashtag research, and maybe the occasional influencer shout out.

A Good Example Of Instagram Marketing? 

Low and behold a local contractor.


Gandalfo contracting has been killing it on Instagram lately and for good reason. This business owner uses all the tools we mentioned above.

As you can see, it's really not complicated. Post some stories like you see in the highlights above. Reply to comments, post engaging photographs, add some hashtags that are relevant and watch your audience grow.

Now we are not going to lie, this marketing tactic requires lot’s of manual work. However, the juice are very much worth the squeeze.

You can use a website like Hastagify.me to see what’s trending on the platform and adjust your content to that. As you can see below Gandalfo does just that and gives his audience what they crave.


You see most of his audience are current homeowners that are looking for examples of good work done on homes like theirs. Well this business accomplishes just that and his followers are the proof in the pudding.

A local business that has an audience of over 4,000 is very impressive. This audience is also engaging on a constant basis which shows that these are not bought followers. They are intrigued followers and we can almost guarantee that a lot of them eventually become his customer.

9. PPC Marketing Example

google ads tutorial

Ah, yes the old reliable paid advertising. If you want anything to be accomplished correctly just throw money at it right? Wrong!

Paid advertising is not only becoming more competitive by the day, but also more difficult to employ. There is a reason that some digital marketing agencies specialize in just this form of marketing alone.

What Is PPC marketing?

Pay per click is a form of marketing that uses an advertising budget to attract website visitors. Usually in the form of Google advertising but also applicable in other channels as well.

With a monthly budget you can attract visitors to your website and increase the chances of converting one of them to a customer. 

What’s an example of a good PPC campaign? 

Allow us to introduce a good old fashioned plumber to do the trick.

PPC Marketing

You might say that this ad seems a bit dull right? Well maybe it is, but it gets the job done.

This is a pay per click marketing campaign in a nutshell. Set up a Google Ad-words campaign, write out your ad copy, set your budget and let er rip.

However! There is something you need to make absolutely sure of before you start paying for traffic. That is your conversion rate.

What’s the sense of paying per click when each visitor that comes to your website clicks off in 2 seconds because your website looks horrible?

Well that is where the difficult portion of a PPC campaign comes in.

Landing page examples

This photo above shows what a landing page should accomplish when clicking on an advertisement listed in Google.

The physical page that the ad re-directs to needs to look professional, provide valuable content, and a clear call to action in the visitors next step of the buying journey. 

With an optimized landing page like the one above you can be sure that a larger majority of visitors that click on your ad will be contacting you and eventually become a customer.

How to start digital marketing?

All of these examples are great to look at but how do you actually start using tactics like we have shown above in your own business?

Well there’s two ways, either the old fashioned DIY courage or hire an agency. 

While doing it yourself can be budget friendly and fun, we understand that time is money. The more time you spend learning the technical aspects of these marketing techniques the less time is spent on servicing your customers.

Also, paradoxically if you do not have enough customers in the first place, it's most likely because you do not have the correct marketing strategy in the first place.

Should I hire a digital marketing agency?

Should I hire a digital marketing agency?

The real answer is it depends. Are you ready to be involved with your digital marketing campaign and put in the work? If you are then you should hire an agency.

Hiring an agency is a partnership. With partners some work is required to accomplish your goals. With a good effort the outcome of hiring an agency can be very effective for your marketing efforts.

It is a lot like hiring an employee to carry out your marketing efforts. The difference lies in the outcome. Hiring an agency can provide you with these upsides. 

  • Dedicated staff members in each field
  • Saved time
  • One on one consultation calls and training
  • Customized marketing strategies
  • Years of professional experience
  • Guaranteed performance
  • Thorough reporting

The real question is what are you waiting for?

Let us know what your thoughts are about digital marketing below!


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