How You Can Get More Leads In 2019

Social media for real estate agents is in the golden era for 2019. Real estate agents can now reach their target audience right away through dedicated social media tools. When we say tools we don’t just mean the usual platforms like  Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We're going to tell you little known apps, programs and tactics used on social media that are driving some successful results for the top real estate agents in 2019.

The real estate marketing landscape is constantly evolving.  With digitization and the fast pace ever evolving social media, there is a dire need for realtors to automate their social media presence. Every day there is something new that social media has to offer. The ideal situation for real estate agents and marketers is to grab the opportunities that are coming along timely. Now stop searching google or pouring that last glass of wine in frustration because your answers are right here. We know what you’re thinking,

“I’m too out of touch for this technology”

“My kids waste time on social media so how can I benefit from it”

“I wouldn’t even know where to start”


Selling real estate is way harder than the steps and tactics you’re about to read. So if you can sell real estate already then you can definitely do this.

How To Use Social Media For Real Estate

You’ll be amazed to know that social media platforms are a gold mine for leads. If you start doing it right, you will get to know that social media lead generation is the most consistent yet viable and valuable strategy to opt for.  The best strategy would be to have a low cost in order to acquire a customer. It comes with experience and choosing the target in the right way, otherwise it can result in increase of cost per lead or not the expected results.

It's All About The Audience

One recent survey done by Pew’s Research Center has revealed that 74% of today's women have reported to use Facebook along with 62% of today's men. Which is important because most homes sold are owned by couples.  Similarly, most of the lead generations and conversations are led by women in Facebook groups and many hashtag movements. Why is this important? Because you need to know your audience before you market to them.

  • Find your target audience
  • Find the platform your audience uses
  • Create content for that audience
  • Advertise the content on that platform

1. Real Estate Content Marketing

It is not enough for real estate agents to keep their platforms updated with posts, content and live videos. If you want to automate your social media engagement and conversion, you must come up with engaging content that reaches the right target audience. The next question that might pique you is how to do that? Well it’s easy. You can write your own blog, upload pictures to Instagram or even do a Facebook live every Tuesday at 6:00 pm it’s endless. Or if you want to automate that process and pay a little extra just pay an agency to do the work and focus on closing those leads as they roll in.

2. Facebook Ads For Realtors

What is important for you to know is that once you have identified the goals and developed engaging content, now it's time to push it to the right target audience with a Facebook ad campaign. You must not overlook the fact that marketing for real estate on Facebook is highly dependent on paid ad strategies. Without paid ads your Facebook organic posts reach nowhere.

Facebook ads for real estate

What Is The Right Tecnhique?

LEAD ADS! The right technique lies in acquiring customers and beating competition with minimum cost per lead. It can only happen if you have hands on experience of running lead generation ads on Facebook, twitter or even on Instagram. You must remember that your ultimate goal is to optimize click through rate and get low cost per conversion for each lead. The quick guide below can list it step by step.

  • Research your target audience
  • Make content for that target audience
  • Use that content and form it into a lead capturing ad
  • Use the lead ad on any platform Like Facebook or Twitter
  • Set your budget on the ad to increase potential viewers
  • Capture and start calling those leads
  • Rinse and repeat!

How To Automate It?

The short answer? A lead generation agency or Facebook ad manager that has experience in this technique will handle it all for you. However if you want to tackle it yourself you just set up the ad yourself, launch the ad and tweak it as you need. The beauty of Facebook ads is that the entire process once it’s started is basically automated already.

Why lead ads are making their way?

One of the greater advantages of running lead ads is that they can automatically populate the user’s contact information. You can always reconnect with potential customers with re marketing or just call them to start the sales process. You can always prioritize and choose how much information do you need from the lead ad.

3. LinkedIn Networking For Real Estate

LinkedIn marketing for real estate lets you establish a profound one to one interaction with other realtors, brokers and business professionals. Expanding your network is crucial in the real estate world so if you’re not doing that now then you better start.  You can use the LinkedIn tool called “Linked Helper” which is an automated app that follows, invited and messages other profiles without you ever doing it yourself. A secret trick of the trade most other social media experts won’t disclose to just anyone. Below are just a small list of the tools functions.

  • It can automate your follow up messages
  • Activate auto mailing system to reach your business partners individually
  • You can export your connections in CSV file and can make the dedicated mailing list
  • Linked Helper can boost your profile by getting you endorsements from hundred of people in no time thus can raise your profile as a profound real estate investor.
  • One of the best tools that draw attention is their super flexible manager tool that can manage lists to let you build your own lead generation funnel.

4. Instagram Marketing For Real Estate

Do you know that Instagram has the highest engagement rate compared to the other social networks like Facebook and Twitter? Moreover, it is increasingly becoming an ideal platform to boost the community engagement and to get potential leads for real estate marketing. In quick steps we'll list how to set up an effective Instagram and then automate your posting to capture even more leads.

  • Create a bio and name relative to your audience
  • Follow other professionals in your network
  • Start posting some content
  • Follow profiles in line with your target audience ( They will follow you back )
  • Get a free app or agency to create and automate your postings
  • Last but not least engage! Reply to comments and like others pictures

Still not sold on social media for real estate agents? Let's do the math.

Traditional commission of sales in New York is between 5 to 6%. Yes we know you can negotiate this but for arguments sake let’s call it 6%. So if the median sold home in Long Island, NY is $380,000 then a sale after split with agent and brokerage would net around $5,700 for one sale. Now the fun part.

50 leads cost $2,000

50 leads equals 4 appointments

4 appointments equals 3 sales

3 sales equals...

$17,100 PROFIT

With a lead cost of around $40 per lead it only cost you $2,000 to get those leads. And you made $17,100 in profit. And if you listen to this article and become an expert in social media you can decrease that marketing expense even more!

Why An Agency Is The Ultimate Tool

No one wants to overlook the fact that leads are significantly increasing conversions. Since leads come along with certain cost per click that means you want to target correctly. If you are not targeting right, then you will suffer. Some of the most successful realtors that are on social media today do not handle their own accounts. They may comment on their followers and engage with their community but all those posts, ads, and news feeds are handled by an entire team who are professionally trained in the market.

What We Can Do For You

Our Facebook leads have given significantly fruitful results that let people invest more who had a fear of losing because of their past experiences. Our agency can lead your way to a feasible solution for social media marketing for real estate.

Being a top-notch social media service provider, you don’t need to worry about how to automate your platforms at a 360-degree angle that can give you guaranteed results. Moreover, our target mailing list is exactly what you are looking for. Follow up on our leads and focus on the portion you already know. Selling!

Do Not Wait!

In this fast pace world of digital media, where everything is at the tap of your phone, you can’t rely on traditional social media marketing for real estate. You will be amazed to know that a 50% surge is expected on the number of smartphone users worldwide and it is expected to grow by 2 billion. In this era where expected reach is 2.7 billion users by 2019, how you can not have your name on their screen.

Whether it's about Facebook lead ads, Instagram automation or customized LinkedIn marketing, you can get instant results. Contact us now to book an appointment and see how we generate you more leads and save you more time with automation.

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