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3 Free Tools To Generate Real Estate Leads

How To Generate Real Estate Leads With These Tools

Stop getting all your business from referrals! If you're like most realtors you get most of your real estate leads from referrals. But why are referrals bad? Well they're not actually bad, but they are not sustainable and here is why.

If you're above the age of 31 you remember a time when the economy was not as fruitful as it is today. When the time comes for the economy to drop back down which history says will happen, then your leads will dramatically drop. So the strategy now needs to be a mixture or referrals and something else. What is that something else you ask? Social media!

Social media has the majority of everyone's attention today and has no intent on stopping. These platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Youtube are generating more leads today than ever before. Here are the 5 tools you can use to start leveraging these platforms to generate real estate leads.


1. Facebook Groups Marketing

This is a real secret one right here. The Facebook community is so large that people break themselves apart and create groups of like minded people? Why is this important? You can immerse yourself in these groups and slowly introduce yourself as a community member. Build connections and provide value in your posts and it will not seem like you are selling a service.

Log into your Facebook account, go to the search bar and type in a location or type of group you want to align yourself with.

facebook marketing for real estate

Most groups have rules that you cannot spam or sell a service. However if you immerse yourself in a group that you align with then the group members will appreciate your posts and not suspect a sales pitch. The trick is to drop a hint every once and a while in your posts that you sell real estate and make it known what you do.

This tool is perfect for getting home seller leads in particular because the majority of the average Facebook user age is climbing.

2. Instagram Comment Marketing

Here is another goodie that virtually no one in real estate is using. Thin about how excited you get when someone likes a post or comments. That little shot of dopamine is addicting and there is a way you can leverage that feeling.

There is a function on Instagram you can use called geotag. Open up Instagram and go to the search tab. Under that tab enter your location and look for geo tagged areas.

real estate marketing

From here take a look at the geo tagged posts and take a look at all the user profiles. Start auditing them and following them. They most likely live in that local area and if you can start commenting on their pictures and liking their pictures then that is expanding your brand and name to gain more business.

3. Youtube Content Marketing

Youtube video creation is the highest growing strategy of content marketing today. The statistics are in and video content get's 2x more the engagement and leads than written content does. To put it short people do not want to read anymore they want to watch and listen! This is why if you're not creating videos then you are missing out.

Take a look at what happens when we type real estate marketing into Youtube.

social media marketing real estate

All of these people listed above are trying to sell to you! Yes you the person reading this post right now. So if they are doing it to you why can't you do it to your target audience. Well you can!

Take a look at what happends when we type "Real estate agent NY" into YouTube.

youtube real estate channel

Much less competition and the videos are not as professional as the other ones like we showed above. This is important because this market is not tapped into yet. You're strategy is to step in front of that iPhone and start creating some videos. Link those videos to your Facebook page, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

People will start to follow this content and become familiar with you as a real estate professional. You know just as good as we do that without trust then a lead will not end up choosing you as their agent.

If you really want to get crazy we can talk about doing Youtube pre roll ads for people who google "Real Estate Agent NY" or start creating a Facebook ad campaign using these videos but that's a discussion for another post in itself.


These tools are only effective when you do it consistently. Go take a look at some of your competitors. Look at the agents that dominate their local area what are they doing? Almost all of them are dominating on social media and the internet.

Our research also shows that most of these agents are not even using the tools we discussed in this post! So use this knowledge as power and go out there and start taking that competition down and creating your own leads.

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