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How To Create The Perfect LinkedIn Banner Image

We will cut straight to the chase to save you some time. Use a service called Canva to create not only your LinkedIn banner image, but any image or post for social media. I use it for my marketing agency daily and you should use it as well.

Before the days of easy to use software like Canva you had to hire a graphic design artist and pray that they not only designed your graphic correctly, but delivered your work on time and efficiently. No longer will you ever have that headache.

The process is simple!



1. Create A New Canva Account

canva for graphic design

Log in with an email address and password. Once you create your account it will be easy to log back in and see your previous designs or new free templates that are uploaded. They also provide paid templates which are a little more detailed but free is always nice.

2. Click Create A Canva Design

how to create a canva design

3. Choose Your Design Type

types of canva designs

Different social media posts and design banners have different dimensions. Make sure you choose the correct template before starting your design. Choosing an incorrect template with the wrong dimensions will result in a bad design quality or funny borders showing up when you upload it.

4. Use The Easy Software To Design Your Image

how to create a linkedin banner

Use this video as a reference when making a design.

5. Download And Post It!

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We recommend using the PNG file type to download your image due to image size and data usage. PNG is also one of the most effective ways to store images to store in the internet by optimizing quality but keeping file size down.

That's basically it in a nutshell. Use this guide as a reference and share it to your friends as an easy guide on how to create your LinkedIn banner image or any other social media post!

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